Newell Horr
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This memorial website was created in the memory of Newell, who was born in Bangor, Maine on March 18, 1924 and crossed over on December 03, 1989.

As we continue to tend and decorate his site with our memories, photos and tributes to his life we keep him close to our hearts and minds and near to us in spirit. 

We're sure that Newell would love it if you stopped by to visit his wife Dot's and his eldest daughter Val's memorial sites at



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A Good and Honorable Man   / Carrie Acitelli (daughter)
There are many characteristics that my father had, some more appealing, perhaps, than others. The ones that seem to make up his core of who he was, in my opinion,were integrity and honor. 

He was a man who believed in work ethic, fin...  Continue >>
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Newell (1 yr old) 1925
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